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17 Luxury Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

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Pregnancy is a major event that can bring so much joy. If you have a friend who is pregnant, you are probably as excited as she is, and you want to do everything to help her feel good.

One great way to help expecting mothers is to buy them gifts.

Below are 17 gift ideas to help relieve some of the expectant mother’s stress, both during and after the pregnancy.

1. Baby Stroller

BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller
  • Smooth ride: Suspension system provides an ultra-smooth ride; Compact, air-filled tires save on trunk space
  • Perfect Fit: No-rethread harness design for easy height adjustments as your child grows
  • Extra space: Large lowboy cargo basket for spacious storage underneath the stroller seat

Some expecting mothers dream of taking their baby to a park or other places in the city.

A baby stroller can be a great luxury gift for expecting moms. Bring their dreams to life with this gift!

The stroller will help the mother carry the baby without getting tired, as well as protect the baby from direct sunlight.

2. Baby Car Seat

Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base
  • Doona Car Seat – From car seat to stroller in seconds! One simple motion operation. Features a 5-point harness, adjustable handlebar (also acts as an anti-rebound bar inside the car) and 3 Layer Side Impact Protection.
  • Washable Car Seat – The Doona car seat fabric is removable and washable. Features baby safe materials and breathable textiles, including bamboo and memory foam.

Another excellent gift an expecting mom will appreciate is a baby car seat. A car seat will keep the baby safe so the mother can focus on driving.

Even if the mother is not driving, the car seat will help protect the baby so she can rest while travelling.

3. Body Pillow

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow, Grey U-Shape Full Body Pillow
  • Our U shaped body pillow helps support your back, hips, knees, neck, and head to help ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more.
  • The pregnancy pillow features a detachable extension that can be used as its own full body pillow, or attached the main body pillow for additional back or belly support, making this an excellent pillow for pregnant women and just about anyone else!

Being pregnant is difficult, so soon-to-be mothers need to rest as comfortably as possible.

To help an expectant mother rest properly, consider buying her a pregnancy body pillow.

The shape, size, and texture of pregnancy pillows can help her sleep peacefully while maintaining good posture.

4. Baby Camera and Monitor

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount
  • CUTTING-EDGE CAMERA WITH COMPUTER VISION TECHNOLOGY: 1080p HD video allows you see baby from anywhere using the app. Nanit is the ONLY smart monitor with a Split Screen feature that allows users to view two cameras on one screen. Wall mount is ASTM-certified for safe cord cover, and offers easy installation with built-in level. HSA/FSA eligible.
  • MONITOR AND IMPROVE CHILD’S SLEEP: Nanit tracks your baby’s sleep patterns, and analyzes them to send expert tips to improve sleep quality. Each Pro Camera comes with one year FREE of Insights, a personalized analytics plan.

One common reason why first-time parents find it hard to sleep is that they are always alert and want to make sure their baby is safe at night.

To help your expecting mom and her partner rest peacefully, why not give them a baby camera and monitor?

With these devices, parents can easily monitor their child at night, and even receive temperature and humidity readings.

5. Robe

Ekouaer Maternity Robe 3 in 1 Labor Delivery Nursing Gown
  • Maternity Labor Delivery Hospital Nursing Robe. Wrap yourself in style during pregnancy and beyond. Don’t forget to pack this fabulous robe in your hospital bag. Pop it on for those first pictures with your new baby and receive your visitors in style and comfort
  • This maternity nursing robe pairs soft and comfortable fabric , suitable for nursing and maternity in,and perfect for the hospital and during midnight breastfeeding

A maternity robe with matching accessories is a creative gift for both the mother and the baby.

New mothers may not think to buy themselves fancy clothes, as they have other things to worry about. They will most surely thank you if you give them a luxurious robe.

6. Eye Massager and Stress Reliever

RENPHO Heated Eye Massager for Migraines with Bluetooth
  • Comfortable Heating Massage – Renpho eye massager built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit(40℃-42℃), better for relaxing eye puffiness, dry eyes, etc. A hot compress can regulate the metabolism of the eyes, more effectively improve symptoms such as dry eyes, and reduce dark circles. Note 1: We do not recommend customers use eye machines if they have undergone eye operation, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, etc.
  • Reduce Eye Strain & Improve Sleeping – RENPHO eye massager adopts oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massaging, it can make the skin around the eyes more shiny and elastic. RENPHO heated eye mask with Bluetooth music can play a good sedative effect. Wear it for 15 minutes before going to bed every night, you will be totally relaxed and enjoy a better sweet dream. Our eye care machine also can effectively help you be refreshed after long-day work or study.

While women may glow and feel relatively good during their pregnancy, the experience can still be stressful. If you want to get your expecting mom a luxurious gift, why not buy her a stress reliever?

Eye massagers combine colored light and a massaging system to relieve stress. This is a great gift idea, especially for working mothers.

7. Baby Swing

4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing
  • 5 parent-inspired motions, 5 speeds, and 4 built-in sounds
  • Find Your Roo, exclusively on the 4moms app, takes the guesswork out of finding the right motion and speed combination for baby
  • Bluetooth functionality – stream your favorite music for baby, and easily adjust motion, speed, or sound with the 4moms app

Parents buy toys to stimulate and engage their baby.

You can help an expecting mother by gifting her a baby swing. This way, she doesn’t have to worry about buying it herself.

Before buying the baby swing, make sure the house is big enough to accommodate it. Ask the expecting mom what the color theme of the baby’s playroom is, and try to buy a matching swing.

8. Lactation Coffee

Mommee Coffee Half Caf Ground Low Acid Coffee
  • Stay in control of what you put in your body without giving up your cherished morning cup! Half Caf Ground Coffee is naturally decaffeinated, which means you get full flavor without the guilt! Mommee Coffee uses 100% Organic Arabica beans in its coffee, delivering a smooth, creamy flavor with butterscotch and toffee notes. The sweet buttered caramel aroma will make your mouth water. The sweet, long aftertaste will extend your enjoyment of each sip. Great for both hot and cold brewing!

Food makes a great gift for expecting moms. You can buy her lactation coffee, which can help boost immunity as well as milk production.

Make sure the mother is allowed to drink this before buying it.

9. Gold Eye Masks

DERMORA 24K Gold Eye Mask– 20 Pairs
  • TRAVEL SIZE PACKS- Stash these on your carry-on. It’s small, light and easy.
  • DE-PUFF & LIGHTEN- Gets rid of the puffiness & traces of dark colors under your eyes.
  • SAVE TIME- Carry on with your face skincare daily routine & errands without being bothered for trying to look good.

Another excellent gift idea is gold eye masks. These help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, which will help the mother look more rested.

The gold in these masks make them very luxurious and a great gift to combine with the eye massager.

10. Portable Baby Lounger

Vohunt Baby Lounger for Newborn,Portable Bag
  • 👩‍❤️‍👨100% cotton baby nest lounger:Vohunt baby lounger is covered with super soft and breathable pure cotton & 3D polyester as the filling’s material,no harmful substances will cause any harm to the baby.
  • 🤰Lengthen Space:Newborn lounger size is about 34.6’’L x 21’’W,lengthen space to 3 years old and weighs only 2.65 pounds (1.2 kg),with vacuum packaging and Portable Bag design that makes the newborn lounger a must-have for baby on the go.

A baby lounger is very helpful to mothers, especially when mother and baby are not at home. Since babies sleep so much, this lounger will be very practical.

In addition to being comfortable, baby loungers are portable. Mothers can take one with them wherever they go.

11. Diaper Backpack

Miss Fong Baby Diaper Backpack Bag
  • ❤【Design Concept & Dimensions 】Miss Fong Moon Shaped Diaper Bag is the classic style in motherhood.This Wide Open Diaper Bag makes it easy to access everything that’s packed thanks to light color lining you get a clear view inside.【Dimensions】13″x7″x12″(LxWxH), Adjustable webbing backpack straps:18.6″-33.2″. Adjustable webbing Shoulder Strap:31.5″-56.5″.Washable Changing Pad: 20″x11.8″(LxW).Handle:12″.Stroller Straps-13″.Weight-2.8 pound.Insulated bottle pockets can hold most of baby bottles.

Expectant moms need a lot of diapers and other baby accessories. Buy a mother a fancy diaper backpack to carry the baby’s diapers and clothes.

Keep in mind that the backpack does not need to be very large.

12. Nightlight and Sound Device

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light
  • Note that new, updated 2nd Gen Wi-Fi version of this product is also available, with additional features, for the same price.
  • Sound Machine. Includes soothing sounds like white noise, ocean, wind, birds and rain.
  • Night Light. Fun, bedside lamp with infinite custom color hues. Illuminate the crib and changing table to ease nighttime infant feedings.

First-time parents may find it difficult to care for their baby, especially at night. The baby may start crying or fussing when the parents need to sleep.

One way you can help is buying and installing nightlights and soft sound devices to soothe the baby at night.

13. Bathtub Tray

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray
  • 🔛ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR BATHTUB – RCW’s bathtub tray has been strategically crafted to ensure it meets the dimensions of most bathtubs on the market with its expandable, slip resistant silicone grips to prevent your tub caddy from sliding. This bathtub organizer was specifically designed to expand from 29 ½ inches to 43 inches to fit even the widest tub.

Even though the most of the attention is on the baby, you don’t have to buy gifts just for the little one.

You can buy the mother a fancy bathtub tray to keep her bathing accessories on. Keep in mind that the moisture in the bathroom may affect the tray.

14. Baby Formula Dispenser

New and Improved Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser Machine
  • Most advanced way to automatically make a warm, formula bottle instantly
  • Patented mixing technology automatically mixes formula and water to perfect consistency. Works with virtually all formula brands and all bottle brands/sizes.Clean your machine after every 4th bottle or when the clean funnel indicator light turns on so the mixing funnel is clear!

A baby formula dispenser is just like a water dispenser; you put the formula at the top and it dispenses food for the baby.

You can decide the temperature and moisture content of the food to make sure it is just right for the baby.

This dispenser replaces mixing the baby food manually, which mothers will love. The device is also portable and does not take up a lot of space.

15. Baby Carrier

Baby Tula Coast Explore Mesh Baby Carrier
  • Large mesh panel within the 100% cotton frame provides extra ventilation
  • Multiple positions to carry baby including front facing out, facing in, and back carry.
  • Adjusts in width to find a perfect fit as baby grows from newborn to early toddlerhood.

A baby carrier is very important for expecting moms, as it eases the stress of carrying their baby in their arms. They only need to wear the carrier and carry the baby with it.

They can carry their baby in front or in back. However, most parents prefer carrying the baby in the front.

16. Highchair

Maxi-Cosi 6-in-1 Minla High Chair
  • 6 modes for 6 years of growth
  • 5 recline positions for added comfort & 9 height positions for adjustable seating
  • Seat inlay for added support and comfort for younger babies and children
  • Meal tray features 4 positions and Includes dishwasher safe snack tray insert

A highchair helps parents feed their growing toddlers.

Make sure you ask the mother before buying this gift. Also, keep in mind the color theme of the home when choosing a highchair.

17. Special Toys

Willow Tree New Life, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
  • Sentiment: ”Celebrating the miracle of new life” written on Enclosure Card
  • 5”h hand-painted resin figure of seated couple holding newborn baby. Woman in cream dress, man in cream shirt and dark pants, baby in cream blanket.
  • A gift to celebrate new beginnings, new babies, new families… and the loving relationships that develop between parent and child, grandparent and child… This piece works well with other figures to create a Family Grouping. Packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving.

There are many figurines you can buy in honor of the new baby. New parents often appreciate marking the special time when they become a family of more than two. Artisans craft beautiful, unique pieces that are perfect for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Interactive toys for the child that help them develop their senses and motor skills as they grow are also excellent gift ideas. Even if they don’t have a special meaning, the parents will surely appreciate having fewer toys to buy.

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We’ve listed many great gift ideas for expecting moms. Buying these luxurious items for them means that she can worry about other things, and they’re sure to put a smile on her face.