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Why Do Pregnant Women Pose With Hands on Their Belly?

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Pregnancy is a big milestone, even if it is not your first time being pregnant.

Motherhood comes with major responsibilities as soon as women know they are pregnant. Not only do their lifestyle, routine, and diet change, but their personality or behavior can also be different.

Have you ever looked at photos of pregnant women and noticed that they usually have similar poses?

Why do pregnant women pose for photos with hands on their bellies?

Posing with hands on the belly can be a sign of the emotional connection that a mother has with her baby. When holding her belly, a mother can feel how her tummy has grown and maybe even feel her baby’s movements.

Greenhouse Maternity Shoot, pregnant woman side view pose holding her belly

Carrying another soul that grows every day can strengthen the bond between a mother and her baby.

There are a few other reasons why pregnant women pose for photos with hands on their bellies:

  • Accentuate baby bump. When we look at photos of others, our eyes naturally gravitate toward the upper body, including the arms.

    By holding her belly, a pregnant woman can draw our attention toward it and her baby.
  • Hold the weight of her baby. As the fetus grows, the belly grows as well. By holding her belly, the mother can relieve the pressure and weight on her lower body.
  • Gesture of love. By holding her belly, a mother can show the world how important and precious her baby is.

    As humans, we like to keep things or people we love within reach. Hence, this body language shows how devoted and caring a mother is toward her baby.

Other Poses

Aside from posing with hands on the belly, there are other ways for mothers to pose for their pregnancy photos.

Let’s get creative and look at a few poses that you can use for your pregnancy photos:

studio portrait of pregnant woman, pink dress, looking in camera, close up, with bear, teddybear, lying on sofa

Lying Down

You can take beautiful pregnancy photos lying on your back. Your photographer will arrange the shot and put decorations around you to make the photos look more colorful.

These can include baby toys, small colorful pillows, or even bouquets of flowers.

You can also use props that hint at the baby’s gender, if you feel that you’re ready to let people know.

If you would like to lie down on your side, put a soft pillow near or around your belly.

Don’t force yourself if you can’t do certain poses and take everything slowly. You can also invite your husband or partner to sit next to you or hug you from behind.

Husband holding his pregnants wife belly posing in nature background

Standing With Your Partner

If you’re nervous or anxious when taking photos alone, ask your partner to join and do a standing pose together.

Your partner can stand behind while hugging you, wrap his or her arm from the side, or even kneel and kiss your belly.

The photographer can focus on both the mother and her partner, or just the partner with the baby bump.

Posing With Children

Small boy kissing belly of his pregnant mother outdoors

If you’re expecting your second or even third child, you can include your other kids in your pregnancy photos. You can sit and let kids hold or rub your belly, or you can even give them a side hug while standing.


Beautiful pregnant woman in dress have a walk outdoors

In addition to doing an indoor photo session, you can go outside and use nature as your studio.

Pick any spot that you like and discuss with your photographer if this is possible. Be sure to pick a destination that is easy to reach and doesn’t require you to walk or hike up a dangerous track.

You can take photos at the beach, in public parks, or in residential gardens. The easiest pose to do during an outdoor photo session would be a walking pose.

Take a slow walk and caress your belly. Let loose and feel the breeze on your skin. You can either walk alone or with your partner.


Dad kisses his pregnant wife belly while holds her son on her husbands shoulder

If you’re feeling bad about not including your whole family in the photos, you can invite other family members for the photo session.

Keep in mind that no matter what your family members do, you and your baby should be the center of attention.

If the photographer allows you to bring your pets, include them in the photos as well.


Portrait of a pregnant woman walking in a park with a distracted expression.

Last but not least, act naturally and strike any pose you come up with. Remember that confidence will make you look better than any cosmetic product or article of clothing could.

Be comfortable with yourself and your surroundings. You can do a dancing pose, laugh your heart out, or hug your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Putting their hands on their belly is a natural reaction to the changes in pregnant women’s bodies. However, you can also choose other poses to show off your baby bump!