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Positive Affirmations for Labor

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Have you heard of positive birth affirmations?

They are powerful and quite helpful tools you can use to change the entire perspective of upcoming labor and empower yourself throughout the process.

Bringing a child into this world is an extremely difficult thing to do, and nothing can make it easy.

However, you can affect your thoughts and change your perspective – which can be enough for you to remember this is something you and your body really CAN do.

Pregnant woman preparing for labor, sitting on bed with notebook

What Are Affirmations In General?

“I am really bad at everything I do, and I’m obviously never going to be able to finish the job properly. I’m not smart or capable enough. I’m terrible at business meetings, so I’ll just keep most of my ideas for myself, they aren’t good enough anyway.”

Is this the similar direction your thoughts are going to? If you answer yes to this question, your state of mind is bound to be negative.

This is a problem many people struggle with; after facing stressful situations and failing, they continue believing they’re nothing but a failure.

It may seem harmless because these are just thoughts, right? Unfortunately, they can easily become self-fulfilling prophecies.

When you constantly roll negative thoughts in your head, it’s like you’re talking yourself into believing you’re not good enough, which eventually makes you want to give up on all self-improvements.

Our thoughts shape our perspective towards certain situations, which, in the end, results in building self-confidence – or even destructing it, in this case.

Thoughts are a powerful tool that we can’t force, completely control, or shape the way we want to.

However, we can redirect and change them.

If bad thoughts have such a negative influence on our actions, the good ones can do the opposite and help us build self-confidence.

happy pregnant woman reading inspiring book

Affirmations can be a valuable step towards improvement since they can help you direct your thoughts in a more optimistic direction.

In simplest words, they are short, powerful statements, carefully constructed so you can consciously affect the flow of your thoughts.

Of course, affirmations are not magical, but they still open space to a whole new perspective, after which you can more easily influence your actions too.

Words we’re saying are not enough, but redirecting our thoughts creates a powerful symbiosis of them and our actions, which ultimately builds a positive perspective of life, the feeling we CAN face challenges, and, by all that, brings a better version of ourselves.

How To Use Birth Affirmations?

As with all other areas in life, affirmations can be a rather powerful tool when it comes to birth.

Developing an optimistic and positive mindset can make a big difference in your ability to deal with contractions and go through labor.

If you let fear overwhelm you, you’re more likely to experience all the things you’re afraid of.

On the other hand, changing the narrative about birth means you are ready to prepare your mind and body to expect a positive experience.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy – it simply implies you’ll be more conscious and remember your body is equipped to handle labor pain and contractions.

Our mind is inseparably connected with our body, and thoughts can affect many things we go through.

With that in mind, positive birth affirmations can truly empower a woman to make the most out of her birth and focus on the beautiful aspects of the entire labor experience.

When it comes to affirmations, they’re really simple to use.

You can say them silently or out loud as well as meditate them.

If you’re in a calm surroundings and alone, it may even be easier for you to write them down. The point is to repeat them as your very own personal mantras.

When you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, take a deep breath and try to redirect them in a positive direction.

pregnant woman relaxing and enjoying music while touching her belly

When To Use Birth Affirmations?

The entire pregnancy is preparing for the labor experience.

That means you have a couple of months to prepare for this experience, starting from the day when you find out about the pregnancy.

Of course, you can never be completely prepared, especially if this is your first time giving birth.

However, you can try to connect your body and mind so they can support each other throughout the entire process.

It’s never too early to start shaping your thoughts, working on an inner piece, and preparing for the baby.

When you’re in the hospital, try to pull out affirmations whenever you can – whether you’re going to say them out loud or repeat them in your head.

Affirmations can also help you take a moment, breathe, and to become aware of yourself in the entire process of giving birth.

You can really do it – just remember this during hard times too.

Positive Affirmations for Birth/Labor

My body is strong and capable. I believe my body knows what to do. I trust my instincts.

Focusing on your physical strength is a reminder your body is equipped to go through labor and has natural instincts on how to endure giving birth.

Try to shift the overwhelming feeling of pain to the feeling of undeniable power.

Nature is an amazing thing and it provided women with a body that can instinctively guide the baby to its first breath.

I am present at this special moment. I feel safe and confident. I look forward to the birth experience.

As it gets closer to the labor, your body will be more tense.

Let your mind support it with empowering thoughts. It’s difficult, but you can do it.

This painful process has its purpose – there’s a beautiful baby coming to you, and you have enough strength to wait for it with all the love in this world.

I am fierce. I am flexible and strong. I am capable of giving birth.

Of course, you can shape these affirmations whichever way it works for you.

The important thing is they make you feel strong, empowered, and brave enough to face that challenging process.

I am surrounded by support and love. My baby needs my support. I trust my body, and my baby trusts me.

Remember your loved ones are outside, waiting for you and your little one.

It’s not just them – your baby also needs your support, and you’re strong enough to give it.

Woman experiencing labor at home

I accept the pain of giving birth. Women have done this many times before me, many will do it after me. I am aware of the process of giving birth.

No one said bringing life to this planet is an easy process.

Women have been going through it ever since the beginnings of our species. Sometimes it can help if you focus on them, knowing they went through such a difficult thing and still survived.

It takes courage and strength to do it – and you have all that inside of you.

Courage and strength to endure for yourself, the family that loves you, and a new little person that’s coming into your life.

Some Final Words

You can integrate birth affirmations whenever you feel like you need a new dose of strength and empowerment coming out of your body.

You can’t control everything that’s happening during the labor; you can only focus on your own perspective of it.

Either way, mama, remember – you’ve got this.

You’re capable and prepared for everything birth brings.