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Do You Really Need a Boppy Pillow? Pros and Cons

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New parents understandably want all of the things that will make having and caring for their baby as easy as possible.

Before you have a child, you’re probably scanning articles and reading books about what you need and why. Baby products are worth billions of dollars in commerce every year.

Some baby items come in super handy. You’ll use them every day for your first kid for months and, depending on the quality, it can last through your other kids as well.

However, not everything marketed to you delivers the way you expect it to.

Boppy pillows, thankfully, are one of those products that live up to the hype. It’s a simple item that will pay dividends for as long as you are breastfeeding and even after that.

Luckily boppy pillows are also relatively affordable. There is some variety in pricing, but you’re not going to break the bank to pick one up.

For all of those sleepless nights and to give your arms a break from holding your baby, here are some of the best things about a boppy pillow that you should know.

baby crying on a green pillow

What Is a Boppy Pillow?

A boppy pillow is a pillow that is shaped like a C to curve around your abdomen as you hold your baby. It supports the baby’s weight while you’re breastfeeding or feeding the baby a bottle, so it can free up an arm or give your muscles a break.

You can also rest the baby inside of the open part of the boppy pillow and it props them up comfortably so they can see and move without rolling over.

There are also pillows called boppy loungers. The difference between a boppy pillow and a boppy lounger is essentially the same shape as a boppy pillow but it’s not meant to wrap around someone’s abdomen. It’s more of a pillow that you can set on the ground and put your baby inside.

Do you need both?

Only if you are worried about part of your baby touching the ground when they are sitting in the boppy pillow. Of course, you can always put a blanket on the ground first and then put your boppy pillow on top of that.

Let’s explore some more about boppy pillows and whether you should get one. Here are some of the pros and cons of a boppy pillow.

Smiling mother with her baby girl in soft nursing pillow

6 Ways a Boppy Pillow Can be Used

There are tons of benefits of having a boppy pillow. Here are some of the main ones.

  • Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is hard! You’re up at all hours and, as your baby grows, they get heavy. With the boppy, you can set the pillow in your lap and place your baby on top so they are in the perfect position to breastfeed.

    You can free up your hands to work, eat a snack, or change the TV channel.
  • Tummy TimePhysicians will tell you how important it is for your baby, when they are ready, to get sufficient tummy time.

    Putting your baby on their stomach helps them build neck strength from lifting their head and it encourages them to start moving. Tummy time is part of healthy growth.
  • Belly Support for Pregnant Women – A boppy is something you can/should buy before you have the baby. As you get on in your later pregnancy months, your abdomen will become heavy and, at times, uncomfortable.

    Placing the boppy pillow underneath your belly while you sit or sleep can give you added support so you’re not shouldering all that weight all of the time.
  • SittingAs babies grow, they will start learning how to sit. You are going to need to place your baby in the sitting position so they can start to develop all of the core muscles and sense of balance needed to maintain the position.

    With a boppy pillow around them, your baby won’t get hurt if they tip over and fall to one side.
Mother playing with her baby boy while on nursing pillow
  • Helps Kids Hold the BabyIf you’ve got other kids in the house, they are going to want to hold the new baby.

    You may be nervous handing over an infant to a younger child, so using the boppy can help them support the baby in the right position.

    It’s also great for older people who may not be very experienced at holding small babies. You can sit them down and place the boppy in their lap to make it easier.
  • Feeding SolidsWhen it’s time to start giving your baby solid foods or they’re ready to start holding a bottle themselves, you can use the boppy to help train them along.

    Lay them down in the open part of the boppy and spoon-feed them or put the bottle in their hands. It’s a lot easier than starting them in a high chair or trying to balance them in your arms or on your lap.

Some Things to Know About Boppy Pillows

We’ve covered a lot of the pros of having a boppy pillow, but what about the cons?

The main con with a boppy pillow is a safety concern. You shouldn’t let your baby sleep in the boppy because they could, in theory, turn over to the side too much or roll over and have difficulty breathing.

Never leave your baby in the boppy unattended for too long.

Do You Need Multiple Boppy Pillows?

If you’ve got twins, then yes, you do! For most people, though, a single boppy pillow is more than enough for one child. You’ll get a ton of use out of it and replacing it isn’t that expensive.

Having a boppy makes parenting so much easier, especially during those stressful times when your arms are aching in the middle of the night and your baby is hungry, or you are feeding your baby and someone rings the doorbell.

They come in different comfort levels, sizes, and patterns, so there are a lot of choices available for moms and dads who want a great tool that keeps their baby comfortable.