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How To Use a Boppy Lounger

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The Boppy lounger or Boppy newborn lounger has become every mother’s best friend whenever they are busy with daily chores and managing their families. When you are tired from holding your baby or they are still awake and you have to take care of your other child, then, a Boppy lounger will help you more than you can imagine.

If you’ve never heard of a Boppy lounger, you might wonder how it works. Simply put, a Boppy lounger acts as a cushion that supports and holds your baby in a safe and comfortable position.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to leave your kids unsupervised. As long as your baby is awake and being placed in the right position, a Boppy lounger is safe to use.

There are many benefits of using Boppy loungers for both you and your baby.

mother and baby on boppy lounger

Aids in the Development of Your Baby

Most experienced pediatricians suggest placing your baby on their tummy to develop strong arm muscles and neck. These body parts will help them whenever they are ready to crawl.

If you see that your infant isn’t comfortable when they are placed on their tummy for the first time, it isn’t a cause for concern. As long as you supervise and monitor their behavior when placing them on the lounger, they will get used to it in a short period of time.

Act as Soothers

Loungers are designed to replicate and mimic the soothing environment of a mother’s womb. During their first few weeks, newborns need a safe and comfortable place to rest whenever they are awake.

This phase will also shape their sensory experience as they perceive and get used to the world around them. As they grow, the lounger will act as their nest to protect and comfort them.

Woman and baby girl on the pillow at home

Increase Bonding Time Efficiently

Babies can’t and don’t want to be held all the time. Sometimes, you might be juggling other household activities or chores that require both of your hands to accomplish.

Putting your baby in the lounger can help them rest, play, and bond with you comfortably. Other family members can also spend some quality time with your baby whenever they are being placed inside this womb-like cushion.

When it comes to nursing and taking care of your babies, safety should always come first. Therefore, you must know how to use Boppy loungers properly. Here’s how:

  1. Only use a Boppy lounger when your babies are awake. Never allow them to fall asleep in the lounger. Asphyxiation could occur whenever they are sleepy and lie face down on the lounger. Also, don’t allow your child to be curled up in the center of the lounger and pillow.

2. Never leave your babies unsupervised when you place them on the Boppy loungers. Always be with your infant at all times. If you decide to go for a bathroom break, place your baby in their crib or some safer place.

3. Use the Boppy lounger according to your child’s comfort and needs. Some infants are comfortable with loungers that have inclined supports. Compared to the flat ones, inclined loungers provide the best view for your baby and they also help in supporting your infant’s back.

4. To use a Boppy lounger or pillow in supporting your babies’ back sitting, place the lounger or pillow behind their back or butt. This will hold your infants upright while providing them with extra support in case they suddenly fall.

5. When using Boppy loungers during breastfeeding, always sit in a comfortable position that supports your back. You can bring the loungers to your sides, around your hips or waist, and on your lap. Then, place your infants in a position that allows them to face your body while keeping your torso and breast upright.

Make sure that their mouth is at the same level as your chest. You can add another small pillow or rest your arm on the lounger in order to achieve to best position when feeding your babies.

Mother breastfeeding her baby

6. You can also use Boppy loungers during bottle feeding. There are two ways to utilize your lounger in this situation: paced feeding and support feeding. During paced feeding, you can use a Boppy lounger as a headrest for your infant. Ideally, your baby’s head should be at a 45-degree angle.

Using loungers can help reduce the stress on your arms during their feeding session. Similarly, during support feeding, your baby will rest comfortably on the cushion while you hold the bottle and control their feeding. Extra support can go a long way, both for the mother and her baby.

7. When your infant can finally sit, you can use Boppy loungers as soothing support for their back. You can avoid body pains that they could experience from sitting for too long without any back support.

8. Using Boppy loungers can help prevent congestion issues and acid reflux in your infant. By keeping them upright on the loungers, you can avoid spit-up that comes from these two common problems.

9. Boppy loungers can help your infants to move their limbs during their early stages of growth. Basically, the lounger will provide a smooth center of gravity as your babies learn to adapt to every move possible.

10. Pregnant women can also use boppy loungers to support their weight by reducing discomfort when laying or sitting on the bed. Place the loungers between the legs or beneath the belly to improve back support.

11. After giving birth, Boppy loungers can also be used by the mother as a postpartum bum pillow. This could reduce the pain and soreness on the genitals, especially if there are any tears or stitches. However, be sure to keep the lounger clean and never use the same one for your baby.

baby on a boppy pillow

Is the Boppy Lounger Safe?

As long as your babies are closely supervised, you can safely use Boppy loungers. The loungers can’t be used inside cribs, bassinets, beds, or on tables. They should only be placed on the floor to avoid any accidents that can happen due to involuntary roll or tumble that can injure your infants.

If you notice that the lounger looks dirty or smelly, immediately wash the cushion or pillow. Wash the lounger delicately in a machine at 85°F and avoid any ironing or dry cleaning. Keeping good hygiene is important for your baby’s health and growth.

You can also look for loungers that are made from breathable fabrics that can prevent overheating issues. In fact, there are some waterproof loungers that can save you a lot of time from having to wash them regularly.

Final Thoughts

Boppy loungers can be used until your baby reaches an age of 4 to 6 months or their weight reaches around 16 pounds.

Until they are able to roll over independently or crawl without any help, you can safely use a Boppy lounger as a safe place for your child to rest.