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5 Diaper Pail Alternatives You Should Know 2022

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Babies require frequent diaper changes. Finding a convenient way to dispose of dirty diapers is something every parent dreams of.

Diaper pails are compact, work in most rooms, and mask the odors. However, some diaper pails can be expensive and a few require refill items, which isn’t practical for most parents.

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure the never-ending cycle of refills or pail bags or spend a lot purchasing a new diaper pail only to be disappointed.

Read on to find out more about the best diaper pail alternatives.

Used diaper of a baby on the bed.

5 Diaper Pail Alternatives

Some diaper pail alternatives you should consider in 2022 include:

1. A Regular Trash Can

Traditional trash cans are a fantastic alternative if a diaper pail is beyond your budget.

The best part is that you can convert it to a diaper pail by lining it with a plastic bag inside. You can choose a step-on garbage can to reduce the need to open and close it every time.

However, you should note that most trash cans don’t seal well and may only work for pee diapers. If you need to dispose of poop diapers, you may need to wrap the diaper in a plastic bag before throwing it in the trash can. That will reduce the stinky smell.

If not, you can dump any poop into a toilet to reduce bacteria growth and odor. Disposing of the poop also makes it simpler to throw out the diaper without the extra mess.

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2. Plastic Grocery Bags

You probably have a stash of plastic grocery bags tucked away somewhere. Did you know that you can use them to throw dirty diapers into?

The bags can be lined on the trash can. You can also put the soiled diapers inside the plastic bags before throwing them out in the garbage can.

3. Dog Poop Bags

If you have a puppy or a dog around, you may be using puppy poop pick-up bags to collect their poop.

Plastic bags colorful rolls on purple background

These bags are designed to mask nasty odors and may be a perfect alternative compared to regular plastic bags. Furthermore, these bags are germ-free, simple to unfold, and can be paired with a regular trash can.

You’ll only need to throw the dirty diapers inside the bag and dispose of them into a bin the next day.

4. Waterproof Swim/Gym Gear Bags

Waterproof wet bags are used to carry wet gym wear or bathing suits.

However, you can still use them as a diaper pail alternative. Apart from being eco-friendly, these wet bags are washable and leak-proof, which makes them ideal for those nighttime diaper changes.

These bags are also available in different designs, sizes, and shapes, depending on your preferences.

5. Wet Bags

Disposable plastic diaper bags are available in various sizes and designs. Most wet bags store dirty cloth diapers and are waterproof.

You can zip the bag up after you’ve put the diapers to prevent any foul odors. Some wet bags are machine washable and wipeable, which makes economical sense for a parent looking for an affordable diaper pail alternative.

These bags can also be used when out traveling.

pile of disposable diapers on white table

Tips to Have in Mind When Choosing a Diaper Pail Alternative

A diaper pail alternative can help you cut down on costs when having a newborn. If this is your first time using a wet bag, a plastic grocery bag, or a regular trash can, you may not know what exactly to do.

Here are a few tips to have in mind when deciding on a diaper pail alternative.

Have Two Separate Garbage Cans

Avoid using the same trash can you use in the kitchen/bathroom for your diaper disposal. You wouldn’t want to contaminate and spread bacteria throughout your home.

Ensure that you buy a hands-free, separate diaper trash can for diaper disposal and another for other purposes.

Disinfect the Trash Can Regularly

Fragment photo of a disinfectant spray used  for cleaning

Apart from being stinky, dirty diapers are also a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Unfortunately, the bacteria can put the baby and you at risk.

If you plan on using a trash can to dispose of the diapers, ensure that you disinfect it often to reduce the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Eliminate Odors Using Activated Charcoal, Vinegar, or Baking Soda

Disposing dirty diapers can, over time, lead to a foul smell in your trash can.

Baking soda does an excellent job of eliminating nasty odors. Pour some baking soda in the trash can before you put in the diapers and after you empty it. It’s also safe around the baby.

Another great option is white vinegar. Simply mix it with water and use a spray bottle. Spray the mixture at the bottom before putting a plastic liner around the can.

Activated charcoal absorbs any bad odor and you can place the sachets in a plastic diaper bag, wet bag, grocery bag, or trash can.

You can also get carbon filters to trap diaper odors. Place a carbon filter in the trash can before throwing diapers in to trap the odor.

Empty the Trash Can Regularly

Don’t wait to fill up the grocery bag or trash can. Empty your trash can often to prevent bacteria and odor build-up.

If possible, opt for a stainless steel can as it’s nonporous and doesn’t easily harbor bacteria. Moreover, stainless steel cans are simple to clean and can mask odors compared to plastic trash cans.

Wash Your Hands

Although this may sound obvious, always remember to wash your hands after handling a used diaper. That will prevent the spread of bacteria to the baby.

Man washing hands with soap

Final Thoughts

Although diaper pails make it simple to manage lots of diapers, contain the odor, and dispose of the diapers quickly, they can also be costly, given the initial buying cost and the cost of the recurring refills.

Alternatives like puppy poop pick-up bags, regular trash cans, and plastic diaper bags are affordable and work fine.

The only downside is that these alternatives may not contain the odor like diaper pails and may need to be emptied daily. Nevertheless, you can still keep odors off by using baking soda and activated charcoal bags.